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The Albums

 Roll The Dice - 2023
Grab a shot of "Devil's Deuce" and get ready to experience The Ranger's flagship country album. "Roll The Dice"; a soulful country album chock full of twangy guitars, crying pedal steel, and dynamic rhythms. Rolling the Dice on life is the album's general theme, whilst intertwining stories of heartbreak, casino lights, and a sense for purpose and redemption. If you're a fan of that good ol' fashioned country sound, this is the album for you!



The Way Of The West; a multi-chaptered Wild West tale weaving a story of crimes and deadly choices long reviled. Follow a vicious killer into the "Quartzsite Saloon" to have a shot of "Whiskey On The Wind", and witness the events that lead to his final ride to death, glimpsing into the ghostly afterlife of "Buzzard Gulch". Ending the story of our antagonist in "The Ballad of Atlanta Smoke".

THE BAYOU - 2021


Way down in the swampland, about a hundred years ago, a ghostly Confederate soldier presides over “The Bayou”. His name is Levi Cray. Filled with malice, cruelty, and cunning, he ensnares unfamiliar souls into The Bayou’s tempting allures. Cray commands and instructs his minions: a once normal man, turned vicious “Cajun Werewolf”; a seductive, “Zombie Woman” of the night; and a monster gator, with jaws of iron dishing out the “Gator Blues”. Once you’ve waded through the “Blackwater” of this Bayou, there’s only one way out; a dimly lit, narrow path, back to your “Prairie Dreams”. The “Voodoo Magic” in this place is strong; Enter at you own risk.


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