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The Rangers

The Rangers are a Lowell Indiana based 4 piece band playing Honky Tonkin’, Texas Country music!  With 3 Records, 3 singles, and a new album on the way, the Band's goal is to "bring country music back to its roots!"

The Rangers have been writing and playing their original music since right around 2021 and haven’t quit since. 


live, The Rangers bring high energy, fast pickin', and dynamic rhythms to the stage with their original music, Featuring songs from their flagship country album "Roll The Dice", as well as some brand new tunes, Along with some selections from their older catalog 

The Band

Mike Abell-Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Pete Thormodson-Bass

Daniel Abell-Lead Guitar

A.C. Filmore-Drums

The Ranger's Story

The Rangers were officially founded in 2021 with their release of “The Bayou”; a swampy Cajun rock album with hints of blues, country, and a healthy dose of swamp! Brothers Mike & Dan Abell, along with bassist Tom Crosby and drummer Dave Spen, gave the band's first album it's eerie, bluesy, and grooving sound. 


Come 2022, the band began to find their chemistry and sound, being joined by drummer Danny Garcia, to record "Way of the West", and play venues like Embers, Reggies, and Fox Pointe, in their home state of Illinois. Way of the West remains to this day, to be a unique and stylized tale of the old west; having no shortage of rocking drums, moving bass-lines, and wicked guitar solos. 

Fast forward to 2023; joined by Bassist Pete Thormodson and Drummer Rich Wooten, the band ushered in their flagship country album "Roll The Dice".  Featuring an array of dynamic rhythms, Chicken Pickin', and twangy sounds all around, the band had found their forever home in country music. Two tracks from the album even made it to independent radio and international country radio charts in the UK. (Roll The Dice & Mexican Restaurant)


present day;2024

The Rangers have announced their first of many tours, "The Wild West Tour", and have been brewing a whole new record in the studio. The first single from said album "Winds of '67" dropped April 21st; giving just a small inkling of the music to come. Now joined by drummer A.C. Filmore, the rangers are full steam ahead into the independent country scene, and aren't stopping anytime soon.

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